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10 Best Cocktails for New Year's Eve


Champagne and Prosecco are classic staples for New Year's Eve, but I'm more partial to creative, flavorful cocktails. Here are 10 cocktail recipes worthy of ringing in 2016 with a bang!

  1. If you are used to the standard Bellini and all its sweetness, this apple bourbon Bellini will certainly give the Venice classic that extra kick.
  2. Enjoy adding apple cider as a seasonal twist on the standard Moscow mule, with this apple cider Moscow mule.
  3. Imagine the look on your guests' faces when you stroll through the party with a plate of Champagne jello shots! Of course, we might opt for subbing in a budget-friendly Prosseco.
  4. A sparkling grape cocktail is an easy way to keep alive the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight. After this, good luck in 2016 is almost certain to come.
  5. Of course, a ginger beer rosemary rye cooler — sure to be a New Year's Eve glass to remember.
  6. Making sure people get home safely is certainly a priority — for those brave enough to be designated drivers, reward them with a chai blossom mocktail!
  7. Another ginger beer-focused cocktail makes this cherry ginger bourbon fizz a worthy contender on the big night.
  8. An effervescent and aromatic dream as you raise a lemongrass, vanilla and prosecco glass towards your mouth!
  9. So you are not always stuck tending bar, a punch bowl filled with a ruby red Champagne punch is sure to please.
  10. And finally, a great way to use up that half bag of cranberries in the freezer — this Champagne punch recipe.

We want to wish everyone a prosperous, healthy and happy start to 2016!

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