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10 Ghoulish Cocktails for Halloween

BOO! How is it possible that we're staring down at Halloween already? From spooky to elegant, here's a guide for that weekend party or a little something to enjoy while handing out candy. This roundup of potions, brews and other holiday delights will be sure to put you (and your guests) in the Halloween "spirit" — pun intended.

  1. Who wouldn't want a candy corn jello shot on Halloween?
  2. Halloween pumpkin punch — great for making ahead and also allows guests to serve themselves.
  3. This cocktail is made with grain alcohol, hence the name poison frog. Ribbit.
  4. The grave digger is the perfect drink to have on hand while handing out treats on Halloween night.
  5. Using a black gel icing pen, create fun cobweb designs on the classic black Russian.
  6. I have to admit these bloody brain shooters do look quite sick, so drink if you dare.
  7. Shaken or stirred, these dirty martinis are so good I'd give my right eye for them.
  8. Typically, margaritas are not served smoking but hey, it's Halloween and these blackberry sage margaritas fit the bill.
  9. Champagne is a potion of sorts and works perfectly in this pretty-as-you-please witch's brew cocktail.
  10. Get a couple of these raven cocktails in you and you'll find yourself saying, "Nevermore, nevermore..."
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