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10 Ice Cream Flavors You Can Make at Home

Every summer my dad would pull out the ice cream maker and a bag of rock salt. We all took turns churning, though the novelty wore off after about five seconds for me and my brother (Dad would take over and save the day). Fortunately, today there are plenty of affordable automatic churners that do the work for you. I recommend getting one if you don't have one already, and plan to make any one of the 10 recipes below over the July 4 weekend or at your next family get-together – it'll be that much more fun.

  1. Do you have mint growing in the garden? If so, mint chocolate chip ice cream is definitely in order!
  2. It is a simple flavor, but a good vanilla makes a great base for any homemade dessert.
  3. You cannot go wrong with cherry bourbon and vanilla bean. It's OK for kids — only 3 tablespoons of bourbon in the batch.
  4. Chocolate ice cream is a must – and believe it or not, this recipe is sugar and dairy free.
  5. If you've been to the store recently, fresh cherries are on the shelf. This recipe calls for frozen cherries, but if you do use fresh  ones, don't forget to remove the pits!
  6. As the saying goes — baseball, hot dogs and apple pie ice cream.
  7. Sure, you can buy salted caramel sauce. But if you are going to make the ice cream, you might as well make the sauce – it'll taste so much better.
  8. This recipe for all-natural peach ice cream is vegan and does not require churning. It's fantastic.
  9. Did someone say cookie-butter ice cream? Good, because here is the recipe.
  10. Another in-season ingredient helps make this blueberry ice cream a summertime favorite.

Over the 4th of July weekend I plan to try making #3. Which one will you be going with?

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