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10 Instagram Accounts Wine Lovers Follow

Social media isn't just hard to ignore – it can be an essential tool for connecting with people and companies on a more personal level. I find there's no better social tool than Instagram, and in the wine world there's nothing better for telling a quick story. From cool restaurants to exciting wine discoveries, here are 10 interesting, fun and pretty creative accounts that enophiles follow religiously. Of course, you can also follow @Lot18wine and @TastingRoomWine.

1. Richard Betts is a Master Sommelier, winemaker and world traveler. His explorations are most definitely worth following. @yobetts

2. We all view wine as a pleasure and this Instagram account maintains this notion ever so enjoyably. Follow @winepleasure

3.  You will find an abundance of beautiful wine and food here. Follow @wineexpo

4. One of the industry's magazines of record, Enthusiast does a good job of covering wine in a serious yet approachable manner. Follow @wineentusiast

5. With approximately 231 wineries and 386 vineyards, this one is hard to ignore. Plus, Virginia is where I hang my hat. Follow @vawine

6. Coming from Down Under and touting the top wine blog in Australia, this is just a straight-up mix of seriousness and fun! Follow @winewankers

7. A wine director, chef, sommelier and wine writer for Playboy can you not follow him? Follow @patrickwine

8. Get a virtual peek at beautiful vineyards and wines throughout Sonoma. Follow @jncorcoran

9. The blog is a fun, educational read, and the accompanying Instagram account has amazing photos. Follow @fermentedthoughts

10. This is a great way to learn more about “big wines from small regions.” Follow @vinologue

Are you on Instagram? Which are your favorites to follow? Of course, you can keep in touch with me at @timvidraeats.

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