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10 Super Bowl Appetizers to Serve with Wine


It is almost time for Super Bowl XLVIII. The Seahawks and Broncos have earned there right to visit East Rutherford, New Jersey, for a shot at the crown. Your job is to make sure guests are fed and there is plenty of red wine to go around. This Spanish number is a great choice, and we love this one from Sicily. This list of 10 delicious appetizers should make your life a little easier come game day, whether you are hosting your own party or attending another.

  1. A little update on the traditional pigs in a blanket — this one uses chicken apple sausage, hence the name, chicks in a blanket.
  2. Ya gotta have a dip, right? With crackers, chips or crudités, this blue cheese avocado dip should do the trick!
  3. For the vegan or paleo diet — shiitake mushrooms stuffed with olives and sun dried tomatoes.
  4. Hey, it's the Super Bowl. Step away from the traditional buffalo wings and try these spicy thai chicken wings.
  5. BBQ cheddar jalapeño chicken meatballs — fuggedaboutit!
  6. The beauty of slow-cooker barbecue nachos is how you can put these on earlier in the day and arrange the nachos at game time.
  7. Everybody will be serving pizza, so mix it up and serve a baked pizza dip.
  8. A spicy beer and cheese dip is always a crowd pleaser.
  9. Fried pickles, yes you should go there!
  10. You might want to go ahead and double this recipe for salt and pepper spiced shrimp. They will go quick!

So who is going to be? The Seattle Seahawks, the team with the stingy defense, or the Denver Broncos and that explosive offense?

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