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10 Wine Headlines That Caught Our Attention in 2017

It's been a big year for wine. Spain introduced a wine that's blue in color. A rosé-flavored donut was created, once again proving that there's simply no such thing as peak rosé. And a free wine fountain opened in New York City's Central Park. (OK, that last one is fake news, but it made an awfully good April Fools' joke.) Here are some of 2017's biggest headlines in wine news.

1. Spain crafts a blue wine; surprisingly, the color is completely natural.

2. Why you should always pick the cheapest wine on the list.

3. Rosé potato chips? False.

4. Rosé donuts? True!

5. Popping the cork makes wine taste better. Twisting off a screw cap, not so much.

6. Wine + coffee is now a thing.

7. Do hangover cures actually work? Here's the definitive answer.

8. The next big state for wine? Maybe it's Idaho.

9. Want a free castle in wine country? The Italian government is giving one away.

10. Wine in space: the final frontier.

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