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2016 Tasting Room Mother's Day Gift Guide


It's all about mom on Sunday, May 8 — and let's be honest, it should be about mom all year long. She's the one that helped us get to where we are, and as we get older we realize mom was right about a lot more things than we were willing to admit back then. So! Let's make sure we pour her a glass of bubbly and give her something she'll remember this year. From flowers to food to DIY, this gift guide should help you find the perfect gift!

  1. You know where you came from, but do you know where mom came from? Now you can find out with this family tree print. It's a beautiful gift not just for mom but for the whole family.
  2. Originally billed as an Easter brunch dish, this delicious asparagus tart can easily be re-purposed as a Mother's Day showstopper.
  3. Red wine soap — a safe way to enjoy wine in the shower.
  4. Bring Tuscany and Sonoma into mom's backyard with these terra cotta vases.
  5. This Mother's Day card speaks for itself, am I right?
  6. If mom keeps plants around the house, show them off in style with a brass-finished geometric metal hanging planter.
  7. Remember back in elementary school when you made mom something for her special day? This DIY wine cork trivet is the adult version of those arts and crafts projects.
  8. You can never go wrong with a subscription to Food and Wine!
  9. Mom would certainly like a fiddleleaf fig of her very own. They are very trendy!
  10. Send along a bud vase with mom's flowers this year, so after they've dried out she can still display and enjoy them.

Cheers to all the moms!

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