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3 Ways to (Safely) Celebrate Halloween This Year

2020 has been a tough year for holidays. But Halloween doesn't have to be cancelled just because there's a pandemic going on. While you'll probably be foregoing the adult-size taco costume this year, there's no reason why you can't celebrate in virtual ways that bring together friends and family. Here are three ideas for getting into the Halloween spirit.

Stream a scary movie or TV show together

There's nothing like a creepy movie or show to put you in the mood — and just because you're social distancing doesn't mean you have to watch it by yourself. Netflix Party and other apps or extensions sync up you and your friends so you can watch a movie or show together, and even chat amongst yourselves as you're watching.

The biggest question is: What will you watch? Maybe The Others, an oldie but goody starring Nicole Kidman, who finds herself quarantined in a spooky old house. Or how about Netflix's recent release, the much anticipated The Haunting of Bly Manor? Just make sure you've got a glass of vino on hand to soothe your nerves.

Host an outdoor pumpkin carving contest

Take advantage of the comfortable fall temps and meet your friends outdoors while you still can. Pumpkin carving is an activity best done outside anyway, since it's so messy. Gather your friends for a little competition — see who can carve the coolest pumpkin or build the funniest scarecrow with some old clothes and straw. To make it a real party, put together a cheese plate and open a bottle of wine!

"Booze" your friends

"Booing" started as a tradition for kids, where you leave a bag of candy at a friend's doorstep with a note that says "You've been booed!," along with instructions to put together and deliver your own bag of candy to another friend — sort of like a Halloween chain letter. Of course, adults quickly came up with their version of this fun idea, replacing the bag of candy with a bottle of wine and changing the wording to "You've been boozed!"

This year, why not start up the boozing chain among your friends? There's nothing like coming home to wine at your doorstep — just ask Tasting Room subscribers. Search for "You've been boozed!" on Pinterest to download a printable to go with your bottle, then pick out your favorite wines to give away from our Bottle Shop. Happy Halloween!

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