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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Staying In

So there's a virus wreaking havoc on the world and you've been tasked with staying home for a few weeks, maybe months. Don't worry, you got this! Staying in can get old very quickly, but just think of it as a rare opportunity to focus on all those projects you've been putting off. Without everyday distractions, you're free to spend time on learning new tricks and improving yourself. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of staying in.

1. Become a wine expert

You've always said you wanted to get serious about wine. Here's your chance! Learn how to taste like a wine pro in just three steps, then figure out how to read a wine label properly so you'll always know what to buy. Ready for some more advanced lessons? Here's a primer on the differences in wineglass shapes and how to order off a restaurant's wine list. And finally, pick up some vino vocab so you can really talk the talk. By the time quarantining is over, you'll be a bona fide wine expert.

2. Cook up a storm

Restaurants aren't an option anymore, so it's time to turn on the stove. Here are our recipes for delicious pastas and dishes that incorporate wine and cheese — because we need comfort foods now, more than ever. Also, because spring is just around the corner, here are 10 recipes to welcome the season, plus eight more awesome recipes for the grill. And just for fun, check out our recipe for making wine-flavored gummy bears. After all, you've got the time!

3. Do it yourself

It's the perfect opportunity to get handy. Learn how to restore a cast iron pan or build your own marble cheese platter. If you'd rather start small, here's a cute and fun project on making refrigerator magnets out of wine corks. And for those who are more culinarily inclined, check out these instructions on how to perfectly roast and store a whole garlic and our recipe for DIY Italian wine cookies.

4. Have fun with wine

There's more than one way to enjoy a bottle of wine. Turn your vino into refreshing cocktails, or spike your favorite seltzer with frozen wine-flavored grapes. Here are five delightful ways to use leftover wine. Round up some friends on video chat to play a wine-themed game or host a sip-and-draw session. Whatever you decide to do, the point is it to get creative and have some fun!

5. Learn more about your palate

Treat yourself to a Tasting Room tasting kit, which consists of six mini bottles of wine that you'll taste and rate to find out more about your palate! It's a really fun activity to do at home by yourself or with whoever you're holing up with. In the end, you'll emerge from your weeks of isolation a more well-rounded and knowledgeable wine taster — and maybe that'll make all this time spent at home worth it.

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