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5 Ways to Make Your Homemade Valentine's Dinner Memorable

Yes, your coq au vin kicks butt. But it's really the little details that make a Valentine's Day dinner memorable. Here are five ways to charm the pants off your valentine (hopefully literally).

1. Freeze baby rose petals in ice for your cocktails, or to fill the wine bucket.

2. Write the menu on a little chalkboard. Michael's sells them in different sizes.

3. Fold your napkin into a spectacular shape. Martha Stewart will show you how.

4. Make chocolate-covered strawberries. The sea salt is the secret ingredient in this recipe. May we suggest pairing it with an Espumante?

5. Write a love letter or poem ... on the wine label. Tasting Room's Remarquable series features a blank label so that you can add your personal touch to a bottle of red or rosé.

Now go forth and be romantic. Happy Valentine's Day!

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