If the idea of leftover wine is laughable to you, then read no further. But if there's a half-empty bottle sitting in your fridge right now that no one's really into, here are some ideas for how to make that vino useful.

Cook With It
If you've always wanted to try making Julia Child's classic beef bourguignon recipe, here's your chance.

Photo credit: thegourmandmom.com

Bake With It
There's nothing as decadent as red-wine brownies. Except maybe red-wine brownies with an extra glass of red wine to wash it down.

Photo credit: bromabakery.com

Make Popsicles
These adult popsicles made from red wine are the ultimate treat on a sweltering summer day. Or any day, really.

Photo credit: bakingmischief.com

Make Vinegar
Vinegar literally means "sour wine" in French, and making it is as easy as letting your old wine go bad. Well, there's a little more to it than that, but not by much.

Photo credit: thestonesoup.com

Make Jelly
Who says you can't have wine with breakfast? Turn your leftover vino into wine jelly and spread it on your toast for a totally legit early-morning pick-me-up.

Photo credit: thekitchn.com