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5 Wine Resolutions for the New Year

It's that time of year to again – time to make promises to yourself that you know you won't keep past the month, in hopes that this time things will be different. But why do we make those sorts of resolutions? Why must resolutions all be about forcing yourself to do things you can't stand? There should be a rule that resolutions should be fun – things that you've been meaning to do and would enjoy doing, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Which is why wine resolutions are so perfect. There are always ways to push yourself when it comes to wine, and all of them simply lead to a deeper enjoyment and you as a more well-rounded enthusiast. This year, resolve to do the following five things, and I promise that not only will you actually see them through, you'll be a better person for it.

1. Discover a New Grape

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Viura, Pedro Ximinez, Juhfark. If you've never heard of any of these varieties, it's time to become better acquainted. Because while it's important to know what you like to drink, it's always seeking out new discoveries that makes you a true connoisseur.

2. Don't Snub Something You Think You Won't Like

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Maybe you had a bad experience with German Riesling. Or maybe you watched Sideways and decided that Merlot isn't good enough for you, either. It's time to let go of your judgments and revisit some of the regions and varieties that you've blacklisted. Your tastes are constantly evolving, as are winemaking techniques and attitudes around the world, so who knows – that type of wine you've decided to shun may just become your new favorite if you give it another chance.

3. Visit a Wine Region

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There's nothing like seeing where a wine comes from to really appreciate the juice that's in the bottle. This year, plan to take a trip to Napa, Burgundy or Tuscany. Or even wineries in Corning, NY; Blacksburg, VA; or Hye, Texas, would do. At the heart of the wine industry are a group of grapegrowers who are making a living off the earth, and it's always awe-inspiring to witness this in person.

4. Introduce Someone to Wine

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Drinking wine has always been about more than just the taste. It's about conversation and the experience of sharing something together. If you know someone who's intimidated by the idea of learning more about wine, be their guide. Yes, you! Because if you're reading this, then you're qualified to introduce a newbie to one of the greater pleasure in life.

5. Take a Wine Course

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If you've been meaning to take that wine course, do it this year! Wine courses are offered at every level, from complete beginner to master sommelier. They're a great way to meet people, have conversations about wine, and learn more about what you're tasting from an expert. If you'd rather learn more about your palate from the comfort of home, Tasting Room offers a mini wine kit to get you started down that path. We like to think it's gotten more than a few people started in their wine education!

Now, go forth into the New Year and enjoy yourself!

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