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7 Recipes for Shifting from Winter to Spring

Spring fever is officially setting in. To me, that means putting away heavy pots and pans and moving to simpler, fresh ingredients. Each of these recipes and their ingredients speak spring, helping to make that seasonal transition in the daily palate. Get in the kitchen and start cooking with the fresh ingredients the shoulder season has to offer.

  1. A fitting recipe for that day-old bread, the hints of licorice from the fennel make this radish and fennel panzanella a favorite.
  2. Risotto is not just a comforting fall/winter dish; this spring risotto with crispy Brussels sprouts highlight that nicely.
  3. Seafood veggie flatbread is perfect for a light lunch or dinner. Packed with nutritious vegetables, you can sub any seafood that you might have on hand.
  4. This spring drink dates back to Prohibition; using honey and lavender, it really is the bee's knees.
  5. Fresh juicy and ripe strawberries will soon be everywhere and the classic strawberry shortcake is a sweet passage to spring.
  6. There will still be some evenings with a chill in the air, and this spring chicken soup will continue to keep you warm.
  7. As spring warms the morning air, there will be plenty of opportunities to serve brunch on the patio. Try this asparagus and egg galette with a dill chèvre to impress your guests!

Enjoy the warmer weather!


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