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7 Totally Necessary Wine Tools

You'd think wine would be a simple hobby. Grab a glass, pour and enjoy. Heck, on some days, maybe you don't even need the glass. But instead, there's something about wine that inspires the endless invention of gadgets … gadgets that somehow seem completely necessary to own. Here, we highlight some newfangled contraptions currently on the market. Some are actually pretty cool and functional; others are just plain fun, and a little crazy. Sort of like you after a few glasses.

1. Exhibit A is the Air Cork. Regular stoppers leave your opened wine exposed to the air trapped in the bottle, threatening oxygenation, but this neat little device takes care of that problem with an inflatable, in-bottle balloon that takes up all the extra space. Just blow up the balloon with the delightful grape-shaped hand pump and you're all set, my friend.

2. Decanters – who needs 'em, amirite? Especially after the invention of this lovely Franken-glass, a decanter built into a wineglass. I'd probably pour myself glass after glass just so I could watch the juice cascading down in aromatic little streams – sort of like a mini Zen wine fountain. And who doesn't need one of those?

3. Now here's a nifty gadget that must've been invented at M16 HQ specifically for James Bond. The Bar10der is like a Swiss Army knife for lushes, featuring 10 bar tools that you'll certainly need one day for a cocktail emergency. I'm tempted to buy this thing just to see how the reamer folds in.

4. You know how you're always wishing you had a long, thin piece of ice that won't melt, which you could insert into your wine to chill it in just seconds? No? Just me? OK, well the people at Corksicle must've invaded my brain and extracted all my brilliant ideas, because that's exactly what they've invented. Except they made it even cooler by adding an aerating feature, as well. Those crazy kids.

5. There are two ways to save your favorite corks – by throwing them unceremoniously into a washed-out pickle jar or by mounting them as a ridiculously showy wall collage. That's why I love these coasters, which offer a nice middle ground, displaying your corks in a casual yet elegant way. It's functional, too! Now if only I could turn my empty bottles into something equally useful … a cell phone case perhaps?

6. What if I told you there was a way to pour wine from an unopened bottle? Sorceress! you'd cry. But before you strap me to the stake, check it out: the Coravin uses a thin needle and pressure system to penetrate any cork and siphon out just the amount of wine you wish to drink. Because the puncture is so small, the cork is able to reseal itself and you're left with a perfect, unopened wine. The only downside: There goes your excuse for polishing off the rest of the bottle.

7. And last but by no means least, I present: the wineglass necklace. C'mon, you know you want one!

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