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8 Cocktails for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially upon us! With family, friends and festive gatherings abound, I've concocted this roundup of 8 of my favorite holiday cocktails to keep things "spirited" all season long.

  1. It's cider season, and this bourbon apple cider garnished with rosemary is at the top of my go-to list.
  2. A cran-bourbon cocktail is a good excuse to help use up that leftover cranberry sauce from dinner.
  3. Eggnog. It's bound to happen. So why not make it a martini?
  4. Best for cool nights, the Glögg or Swedish mulled wine, is the solution for keeping warm.
  5. Topped with bright red berries for a festive feel, this cranberry whiskey cocktail uses Canadian whiskey.
  6. Having a large gathering and don't want to spend your time chained behind the bar? This ginger apple punch should keep things flowing.
  7. Blood oranges are not only beautiful to cook with, they also make for a colorful and refreshing drink.
  8. We are used to enjoying a sea breeze sitting by the pool or ocean in the dead of summer — with the help of pomegranate seeds, you can bring that cocktail indoors in this winter sea breeze version.

Cheers to the season,


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