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8 Whimsical Decanters

Wine enthusiasts love a good decanter. Whether they're functional, beautiful or just plain interesting, a decanter should inspire conversation and imagination (like the awesome Riedel Amadeo, shown above), not to mention an enjoyable drinking experience. Here are seven other neat decanters to consider as gifts or décor for your own home this holiday season.

The Top

For drinkers too lazy to swirl their own glasses, this decanter does all the work for you. It spins on its pointed base, much like a top – only for grownups.

The Boa

Not only does the design look super cool, the Boa also double-decants your wine as the liquid makes its way through the different levels of coils.

The Strainer

If you've got a particularly sediment-y wine, this is the decanter that's up for the job. It's got a built-in strainer, plus eight breathing holes for aeration.

The Twist

Everyone loves a good twist. The dramatic curves of this beautiful decanter aerate your wine twice – when you pour it in, and again when you pour it out for guests.

The Globe

We all know that wine makes the world go around. And this cool decanter-globe actually spins!

The Egg

Love the playful egg shape of this decanter … although I'm not sure I could actually be trusted to pick it up and pour from it.

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