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A Cool Gadget for Sampling Collectible Wines

As devoted wine drinkers, we all face the dilemma: You have that rare, special bottle that you want to uncork, but in your heart you know that a glass or two of it might go to waste. If only there were a device that would let you take just a sip from the bottle, or maybe even enjoy a full glass, and leave the rest of the wine for another occasion.

The folks at Coravin recently paid a visit to our office to demonstrate their seriously cool device that solves this problem. Check out the video below, in which you'll see how Coravin extracts a pour from a bottle of Barolo – without pulling the cork! – and leaves the rest of the wine inside the bottle fresh as a daisy, as it fills the empty space under the cork with inert gas. The wine was delicious, and what's truly incredible is that the bottle had been previously sampled back in April, about six months before we tasted it.

Would you buy a Coravin? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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