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A Small Fortune: The Vineyards in May

Everyone asks me about my favorite season in wine country?  The answer is simple, all of them.

May is the time of year of supernatural activity.  It can get pretty dark in the vineyards at night time.  Last night I woke up to see bright lights in the vineyard at 3am.  They were really bright lights shooting off in different directions and moving.  Aliens who like Cabernet?   UFOs landing to steal the new oak barrels?  The dogs are barking and I am bolt upright in bed looking out the windows.  As I go to look for my Red Ryder BB gun, my wife reminds me, “The guys are spraying”.

Yes, May is the time for sulphuring and all kinds of other spraying and it happens at night when there is no sun or wind.  The spray now pays off in October.  The buds are more than broken and it is time for all the non-romantic activities in the vineyards.  The suckers at the base of the vines are growing.  The weeds need to be taken out.  The wires need to be tightened.  The foundation for the picking is laid down now.

The drinking of previous vintages continues while we work on the next one.  Aliens or not.

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