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A Super (Tuscan) Visit to Our Office

Some of the most popular wines offered on Lot18, time and again, are Super Tuscans – wines from the Italy's Tuscany region made using non-native grapes, such as Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, you name it. We were ever so delighted that Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini, proprietor of Tuscany's Tenuta di Ghizzano, visited our New York office last week to talk about her estate and let us taste some of her upcoming wines.

What's important to know about Tenuta di Ghizzano's wines is that, unlike so many other Super Tuscans, they display elegance – they're not just blunt, oak-and-fruit powerhouses. The reason for this may very well be the balance of Ginevra's property itself, with only 17 of the 350 hectares planted to grapevines. The rest is planted with olive trees and other crops. The vines sit on a cool hillside near the coastline, which gives the finished wines a floral, aromatic component.

But what's perhaps most alluring about these wines is that they don't call for fancy food pairings. You don't need wild boar hunted by virgin nymphs, truffles sniffed out by purebred, prize-winning dogs, or cheese made from the milk of a cow who's lineage can be traced back to the family of Julius Caesar. Just pair the 2006 Tenuta di Ghizzano Veneroso or the 2005 Tenuta di Ghizzano Nambrot with a simple lasagna or other pasta dish, and enjoy the evening.

One thing to love about Super Tuscans: When someone like Ginevra is behind the wines, you realize that they live up to their name in the pleasure and enjoyment they provide – yet in the most down-to-earth and subtle of ways.


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