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We recently launched some enhancements to that, among other things, included a new “responsive” design. While at first glance the site may look the same as it did last week or the week before, Lot18 now adapts to your web browser. For example, if you access the site on a TV or widescreen computer, the site utilizes the available space to display larger images, shorten forms and more efficiently organize product listings. If you access Lot18 with your smartphone, the site arranges products and reviews in a vertical stack to make it easy to scroll the entire site, up and down, by simply swiping your thumb.

Members using the new iPhone iOS 5.0 may now interact with the site in new ways. First, Apple introduced Safari Reader, which extracts content from a web page and formats it in a clean, iBooks-style overlay. All Lot18 product reviews respond to Reader. Just click the “Reader” button in the address bar and adjust to your preferred font size.

The new mobile Safari also provides a Reading List for web pages you may not have time to read now, but want to revisit later. If you see a product you want to remember, visit the product’s detail page and click the menu button on the bottom toolbar. Select “Add to Reading List” and Safari will save the page to your Reading List at the top of your Bookmarks. Simply click the saved page whenever you’re ready to read.

If you want to create a visual wish list or a gallery of your Lot18 purchases, saving product shots to iPhoto is easy. Just tap a product thumbnail for the full-screen version. Press and hold the full screen image until you see the “Save Image” button. Touching “Save Image” will save the photo to your camera roll in iPhoto.

Tweeting is now available on any Lot18 page. If you want to share an offer or anything else on Lot18, just click the menu button on the bottom toolbar. Select “Tweet” and compose your message.

Members can access the site quickly by adding to the home screen. From any page, click the menu button on the bottom toolbar. Select “Add to Home Screen.” The Lot18 logo should appear alongside your current home-screen icons. Any time you want to visit Lot18, just tap the icon.

The new website also functions great on Android phones and tablets such as the iPad and Kindle Fire. If you receive offers via email or need to visit the site on the go, check out the new mobile site – and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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