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Afternoon Wine Tasting at the Office

As in most offices (we can only assume), we tasted a few wines this afternoon. The theme: Southern Rhône. Side by side, we tasted the 95-point RP 2010 Domaine Grand Veneur Châteauneuf Les Origines, the 2010 Paxton AAA McLaren Vale Shiraz Grenache and the 2005 Graves Winegrowers Rock Candy, which only a few hundred Lot18 members were lucky enough to get their hands on as a part of this offer. Some conclusions:

  • The Châteauneuf is a baby right now – it needs a couple years in your cellar before you uncork it. But when you You'll feel like the guy in the Dos Equis commercials. Brilliant, good-looking, popular, fortunate, you name it. Holy cow, what a wine.

  • The Paxton AAA is ripe and lush, but has plenty of complexity. You cannot go wrong with this one, any night of the week, whether you're having a burger or a big ol' steak. Or just sip it while you sit on the couch and watch Baseball Tonight.

  • The Graves? Wow. Let's repeat: Wow. First of all, it's nearly eight years old, and from Paso Robles – yet it still tastes fresh as a daisy...covered in berries, meat and chocolate. If you ever wanted proof that a Paso red can stand shoulder to shoulder with a great Châteauneuf, this it it. Seriously, if you haven't put yourself on the Graves mailing list, get to it already.

So...what wines did you open at your office this afternoon?

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