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Best Way to Preserve an Open Bottle of Wine

I've tried a million different ways to preserve an unfinished bottle. I've used an array of vacuum pumps, the fridge, putting pumped wine into fridge and just finishing the wine for the sake of not having to taste day-old wine tomorrow. But I recently discovered a nifty, affordable tool that does the job perfectly, in the place I last expected to find it: My local home-brewing shop.

I'd purchased the pictured trigger gadget and accompanying CO2 canisters to fill the empty space in a 5-gallon home-brew bucket. Just like a keg system at your local bar, the CO2 helps keep the beer inside the vessel fresh. I found, however, that this affordable, handy gadget works even better on an unfinished bottle of wine.

Over a week ago, I twisted open a bottle of the Kangarilla Road Devil's Whiskers Shiraz, recently sold on Lot18. I'm still drinking the wine – it's fresh as the day I unscrewed the cap. At 14.5% alcohol, this wine is an absolute beast, so on first sip I knew there was no chance I'd have more than a glass, lest I spend the entirety of the next day with an ice pack on my head and vowing repeatedly never to visit Australia again, much less watch a rerun of Kath & Kim. After each glass poured over the subsequent couple of days, I gave the bottle a quick spurt of CO2 and quickly screwed the cap back onto the bottle. That was more than a week ago, and on last check, with about a glass or so to go, the wine is still drinking perfectly.

Sure, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this little trick would work. But I didn't have to spend like my $25 of red wine was rocket fuel on a device such as a Coravin to achieve the same benefit. That's a great tool, for sure, but for a grand total of $20 (as opposed to about $300), I think I've found something that works just as well.

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