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Big Reds and Beef

This post is for the many of you out there headed to a good ol’ steak house. Beef and red wine have been paired together since cows were born or grapes first grew on the vine (whatever came first). Steak houses are the cathedral for this pairing. They offer all the cuts of the moo moo and a bible of red wine. Most steak house wine lists are dominated by California reds with pages of Cali Cabernet Sauvignon. This is because it is easy, American and what “people” say is the best to drink with steak.

Who are these “people”? Show your face!

Read this and it is guaranteed to change your next night out at the beef barn.

Flip to the “Red Italian” section of the wine list and choose a Barolo or Barbaresco within your budget. If you have a large expense account, ask the sommelier to recommend their favorite producer. Barolo and Barbaresco are neighboring hillsides in Piedmont in northwest Italy. These wines can only be made from 100 percent Nebbiolo, the most prestigious grape in all of Italy. These wines have a rare combination of high acid and tannin not seen in any other grape on the planet. This unique make-up makes them the PERFECT pairing with fatty cuts of beef. These wines may likely be overwhelming for the person ordering a filet mignon, but oh well, they should know better than to order a sissy piece of steak anyways.

The best wines can be very expensive but worth every penny, perfect to celebrate closing a big deal. My favorite producer is Bruno Giacosa, and a bottle of his red label with a monster, fatty, bone-in rib eye may be the closest thing you can get to heaven on earth.

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