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Chablis, Treasure of Bourgogne

Recently we wrote about an event we attended where we participated in an escape room while learning all about Chablis. Here's what we found out about this minerally, fresh-tasting wine.

Photo by Joyce Mendoza

  • Chablis, from the Bourgogne region of France, is made from one varietal: Chardonnay. The simple winemaking techniques and ideal soil and climate make for a delightful expression of this grape.
  • Chablis is one of five wine-producing regions in Bourgogne. It is the farthest north, with a location and climate similar to that of the Champagne region.
  • The Bourgogne region is known for its climats, the Bourguignon way to distinguish terroir with added delimited plots. There are 47 climatsin all.
  • There are four appellations of Chablis, each distinguished by its soil and increasingly strict production rules. Grand Cru is the most distinguished and is produced in just seven climats. Premier Cru has great aging potential and features a pale gold color. Chablis, the largest appellation, can range from a light to almost green-gold color and offers a persistent flavor on the palate. That distinguishes it from Petit Chablis, a lighter variety that's often consumed very young.
  • Chablis represents 20 percent of the wine produced in Bourgogne, 0.6 percent of the wine produced in France, and 0.1 percent of wine produced worldwide.

Learn more about Chablis from Pure Chablis, then test your knowledge with their quizzes.

Photo by Joyce Mendoza

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