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Coffee Isn’t Just for Closers

“Garçon! Bring me your finest jug of wine!” If the restaurant does not politely remove you from the premises immediately, I hope they at least stage an intervention. When a wine aficionado orders a nice glass of wine to accompany their dinner, chances are it’s not coming out of a jug. I‘m not trying to throw a knock party against bottom-shelf bulk wines – they served me well for four years of college. But I graduated, and so did my palate.

So here’s my question to all my fellow graduates out there: if you respect your palate so much, why are you drinking that hot brown water from an 8 oz. Styrofoam cup? Yes, I’m looking at you. Drop that bodega coffee and follow me!

I know what you’re thinking. “This coffee is fine. I’m not paying four dollars for a cup o’ Joe!” or, “I actually like the way it burns my mouth – makes me feel alive.” I’m not trying to argue with you. A quick cup of caffeination is great when you’re running on five hours of sleep and are already 30 minutes late to work. Fill her up!

But I am here to tell you coffee doesn’t have to be just a utility. Much like a glass of wine, a cup of coffee can be an experience. Try a cup of the Kyoto iced coffee from Blue Bottle and then tell me you didn’t find religion. You won’t be able to, because you’ll be back ordering a second round.

Coffee culture can be quite similar to that of wine. Coffee is grown in very specific regions of the world and there are even Grand Cru beans. In coffee speak, tasting is called cupping. And instead of Master Sommeliers, you have Master Tasters. With purportedly 800 possible flavor and aroma characteristics, as compared to red wine’s 400, coffee will not disappoint a curious drinker or discerning palate.

Unlike wine, a cup of coffee’s success depends on brewing techniques. Brewing doesn’t stop at your dad’s Mr. Coffee machine anymore. You can steep it with a French press. Suction it with a siphon. Or, do both with the Rolls Royce of coffee machines: The Clover.

With so many factors involved in a creating a tasty drink, each cup of coffee has the potential to be a unique experience.

And, if you want to try your hand at making some killer coffee at home, our friends at ROASTe have a veritable treasure trove of coffee goodies – and some special deals for Lot18 Members. Everyone wins.

Now pinkies up and follow me!

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