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Comforting Meals Using White Wine

With minimal ingredients you can create some quite comforting meals using white wine. It is also safe to say that 9 out 10 times you are going to be cooking with a dry white, such as a bottle of  this stylish Spanish white. Once you have your protein, all the other ingredients are basically pantry staples such as olive oil, butter, lemon juice, pasta and herbs. Here is a list of recipes that are easy to make – and you can enjoy the unused wine while cooking or save it for dinner.

  1. Break out the Le Creuset cookware, because anything called chicken baked with white wine, garlic and herbs deserves to be cooked in the best pan. The added bonus is the warmth and smells this dish will bring to the house.
  2. Mussels with white wine can be served as an appetizer or main meal. Do not forget that fresh loaf of crusty bread.
  3. The classic but simple dish to make at home — linguine with clams in a white wine sauce.
  4. A normal cassoulet is an all-day affair, but this pork cassoulet can go from stove to table in about three hours. Win!
  5. Another weeknight meal that can be prepared in about 15 minutes is this simple but delicious shrimp scampi.
  6. Straight up comfort food — chicken roasted in wine and herbs.
  7. Slow-roasted lamb makes for the perfect Sunday supper, and a roasted lamb shoulder in herbs and white wine will not disappoint.
  8. Bringing a little heat, this linguine with crab in spicy white wine sauce is sure to keep you warm.
  9. Knowing how to make a simple white wine sauce allows you to pull just about anything out for dinner. This sauce will pair well with chicken, fish or pasta.
  10. An elegant appetizer or main meal, caramelized scallops with white wine is sure to please your guests at your next dinner party.

Which recipe are you most looking forward to creating this weekend?

Cheers, Tim

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