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Cool Down with Wine Slushies

Wine is great by itself by the glass, but sometimes you want to mix it up for a party! And with temps reaching 95 degrees this weekend, these slushies are the perfect treat.

We used the 2016 Joyce Eloise Mendoza Malbec for its fruit-forward, full-bodied taste, but you can use any red wine and adjust the sugar as needed; same goes for the fruit. (The Lamas-Richie Malbec is also a great choice!)


½ bottle red wine
½ cup frozen mixed berries
⅛ cup sugar
Whole berries and lemon slices for garnish


In a blender, mix the wine and berries. It'll foam up a little, and that's fine.

In a bowl, mix the sugar with an equal amount of warm water until it dissolves. Pour this and a cup of ice into the blender. Blend until all the ice is broken down into a slushy consistency. You might want to strain the mixture to remove any seeds or skin at this point, depending on the fruit you used.

Toss some whole berries in, serve with a slice of lemon on top, and enjoy! You can also store the slushie in your fridge for a day.

Prefer white wine? Make the slushie with a sweet white wine like the NV Karma Lion Vinho Espumante, and add some frozen tropical fruits such as guava, peach or mango instead. Go easy on the sugar in the white-wine version!

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