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Deus Ex Machina

What does it take to zap one full-sized 750ml bottle of wine into several 50ml mini bottles? I was going to say, "unicorn-operated magic," but it turns out that the unicorns are unionized and intensely private. In truth, the answer is pretty complex, so I asked the man behind the machine, supervisor Kirk Miller, if he'd show me what's under the tarp.

You have been warned.

Kirk Miller, god of the mini-bottling machine.

The 750s are put in an air-tight, oxygen-free environment before being uncorked, and then each mini bottle is filled individually. The filled bottles are fixed with adorable TR screwcaps before making their way to the labeler via these blue rollers.

If anything needs adjusting, Kirk and his crew right the wrong by putting their hands down one of these gloves into the oxygen-free chambers. Meticulous work, to say the least.

Once the mini bottles are filled, capped and labelled, they're hand-packed into the tasting kit that will simultaneously blow your mind and palate. Great things do come in small packages!

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