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DIY Duck Fat Bourbon

Last time I was in upstate New York vacationing in the Catskills, I discovered an awesome farm stand in the town of Bearsville. Not only did they have fresh summer veggies, berries, and dairy, but they also had beautiful smoked and cured meats for a fraction of what they would cost at a gourmet grocery in the city. I pick up a couple of duck breasts which provided several meals over the length of the trip, and then a few more back at home too. The fat was so tasty I decided to save it and have been using it to fry potatoes and other yummy stuff since.

I was down to just a few scraps in the freezer and was wondering what to do with it when I overheard one of the editors in the Lot18 office talking about a smoked duck fat Bourbon she had in New Orleans. Hum? I had had bacon flavored bourbon, but never a duck fat one. 

Holed up this weekend with Hurricane Irene raging outside, I decided to experiment. Not surprisingly, I was very pleased with the outcome.

Here’s  what I did:

Step 1: I melted the last few pieces (approx. 2 oz) of frozen duck fat on very low heat.

Step 2: I strained the melted duck fat to remove the solids using some cheese cloth.

Step 3: In a tupperware container I mixed the melted fat with some Knob Creek (approx. 6oz), shaking it with the lid on.

Step 4: I froze the Bourbon for about 30 min. so that the fat solidified.

Step 5: I removed from the freezer and strained again through cheese cloth leaving behind smokey, meaty duck flavored Bourbon. Yum!

Step 6: Make a cocktail! Part of the pre-storm stock up included McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer, so I opted for a duck fat Bourbon Bloody for breakfast.

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