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DIY Stocking Stuffers for Wine Lovers

With everyone stuck inside their homes for so many months, this has been the year of DIY. So why not close out 2020 with some homemade stocking stuffers? We have some fun projects that are easy to pull off and will make meaningful gifts for your favorite wine enthusiasts. Get your hot glue guns ready…

Wine Cork Trivets

Corks are a great material for making into trivets because they don't burn. If you've got a jar of loose ones just sitting around, gather them together to form a rustic-looking pot-holder or decanter stand.

Wine Cork Magnets

This is an easy one, and requires only as many corks as you have handy. Add a small magnet, and suddenly you've got a stylish, useful accent for your kitchen or office. It's also a great way to memorialize your favorite bottles.

Wineglass Charms

Wineglass charms are all the rage, so why not go the extra step and personalize them? Your guests will never drink out of the wrong glass again. All you need is the ring part and some fun charms. Think: old key chains, earrings, beads.

Wine Cork Garden Markers

A lot of us became farmers this year, growing our own gardens in our backyards or window sills. Turn a handful of old corks and dowel rods into adorable garden markers for your herbs, so you can keep track of what's what.

Wine Gummies

There's nothing better than a package of sweets in your stocking — especially if those sweets are wine-infused! Here's our very own recipe for making wine gummies. Rosé works particularly well, but white or red wine would be tasty, too.

Happy crafting!

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