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In Love With Your Wine? Draw Its Portrait

Paint nights are all the rage. You've probably seen the photos on Facebook and Instagram of your friends happily holding up their works of art after a fun night out, glasses in hand.

Well, that got me thinking: You could easily recreate the experience at home and host your own art night for friends with some supplies and a few favorite bottles of wine. I recommend that you make it a sketching event rather than painting, though, just to minimize the mess.

And guess what? Your drink setup is the perfect still-life model. Just pose a bottle or two with some glasses and other objects and you've got some interesting shapes and colors to capture.

Don't forget to take a photo with your portrait and post it on social media – maybe wine portrait nights will become the new rage!

Looking for some wine models? The beautifully designed Karma Lion NV Vinho Espumante Duo or colorfully labeled 2015 Tengo Albariño Rías Baixas Half-Case make great candidates.

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