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Bling for Your Wineglass: DIY Wine Charms

Wine charms are fun, cute and pretty useful at a dinner party if you ever plan on getting up from the table. They're unique decorations that you put on your wineglass to indicate that it's yours, and they're especially helpful if everyone is having the same wine and drinking from the same type of glass.

You could totally purchase wine charms, but they're also easy to make. Personalize the charms with whatever you want. Nothing you get at the gift shop can be as charming as the ones you make on your own. (Psst ... if you haven't gotten your significant other a Valentine's Day gift yet, this may be just the thing!)

A wine charm on a bottle of our 2016 Joyce Eloise Mendoza Malbec.

What to use? Old key chains or earrings work, plus some fun beads or charms. You'll also need the ring part (just do a search for "wine charm rings"). Each charm should end up costing less than $1, making this one of the less expensive DIYs out there.

We made some wine charms here at the Tasting Room office the other day. It was pretty fun, and we totally recommend hosting your own wine charm making party. Followed by a wine drinking party, of course!

The materials: hoops, beads, charms. Go wild!

A wine charm making party at Tasting Room HQ.

Never drink from the wrong glass again!

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