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Dress Up Your Wine for Halloween

Aren't Halloween parties the best? Just about anything can be given a spooky facelift, from the appetizers (olive spiders, anyone?) to the décor (I'm totally doing the bloody handprint on my bathroom hand towel this year). The wine at your party can also be Halloween-ready with just a few creepy tweaks. Here are some of our favorite ideas and recipes.

1. As much as we love the beautiful wine labels that we design at Tasting Room, it's super fun and easy to slap on these clever novelty wine labels. Boom. Your Chardonnay is now a bottle of Spider Venom. And it's totally going to be all over Instagram after your party.

2. Break out your muffin pans, tie on an apron, and whip up a batch of these brain cupcakes with red wine syringes. Your friends won't know whether to salivate or gag.

3. You can hire a certified sommelier to treat your guests to expert wine pairing advice at your party. That would be superdope. Or you can just print out this candy and wine pairing chart and stick it on a wall near your drinks table. Just as good, and you can spend the money you're saving on more fun-size 3 Musketeers for all.

4. Reuse your used wine bottles as gothic candle holders. It's eerie and environmentally friendly!

5. It's fall, y'all! Autumize your red wine with some sugar and spice, and serve it to your guests warm. Here's a great recipe for mulled red wine.

6. Or keep things cool and creepy with some blackberry-apple sangria. Not sure why spiralized apple skins look so sinister, but they totally give me the heebie-jeebies.

And if you still haven't gone wine shopping for your party because you're so busy putting together the best costume ever, our Wine Rack Refill: Halloween Edition is now on sale. It's got all the wines you'll need to go with all the Halloween-themed apps you're serving. Trust us: No one knows what pairs better with those adorable mummy dogs than we do.

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