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Drink Your Rosé in Beer Form

It's finally happened. Silva Brewing in Paso Robles has mad-scienced a sparkling rosé beer, so all you closet rosé drinkers can now enjoy the pink drink in beer form.

According to, The Pink Stuff, as the new drink is called, "has a light-pink color brought about by free-run Grenache juice provided by Denner Vineyards. The juice is co-fermented with a kettle sour ale in French oak barrels that previously housed white wine using a French Saison yeast strain. A separate Cinsault grape and black currant co-fermentation adds a touch more color and fruit character to the finished blend, which features strawberry, watermelon and raspberry notes. The beer is brightly filtered, and finished with champagne yeast for lively conditioning creating an effervescent light-pink head that fades into a salmon-colored beverage that's refreshingly fruity and slightly tart with a dry, spritzy finish."

That is to say, The Pink Stuff is poised to move the brosé movement forward a step!

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