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Fame and Fortunes: California Collectible Wines

There are some bottles of wine that you just can’t get. The world’s most coveted wines have years-long waits to even get on their mailing lists, and even then you may or may not be allocated the bottles you want. Ever try to buy a bottle of Screaming Eagle? Good luck.

But if you’re looking to start a cellar, the right California selections can be the perfect foundation. Some wines in this category have impressive pedigree, deserve to be coveted, and truly warrant the high prices they command after they’ve been discovered. It can take a little bit of premonition, like buying Microsoft or Apple stock in the early 80s, but getting in on the ground floor of a would-be legend can mean bottles ready to mature for over decade. It also offers the potential for getting into selling wines at auction.

The hallmark of any great cellar is a healthy balance of wines you love to drink, along with some unique staples. I don’t totally understand people who fill their cellars with wines they’ll never touch: unless you’re planning to sell later, buy wines to drink. And in some cases, a little patience offers big rewards.

My featured pick:

Heidi Barrett Signed Napa Valley Magnum Trio

Impossible to get elsewhere, these are the ultimate collector wines from the creator of Screaming Eagle.

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