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Fast Food Friday: Taim Falafel

I've been drawn to trucks my whole life. First, I was fascinated by fire trucks: I was happiest playing with scaled down models whilst wearing a plastic fireman's hat. Then, as I went through grade school, I switched focus to trucks of the monster variety. Now, as an adult, my unwavering love for trucks has only grown. This is largely due the Taïm Mobile, the falafel truck down the street from the Lot18 New York office.

Last Friday, our copywriter Audrey Luk herded the rest of the editorial team down to 27th and Madison for our weekly Fast Food Friday meal. We strolled up to the matte black and green truck, and after a quick survey of the extensive menu – falafel sandwich or falafel platter – placed my order at the side window.

"What's good?" I asked sarcastically.

"Everything, Bra'," was the reply.

Sure enough, after waiting for my food for two minutes and a quick walk back to the office, everything was good. Don't believe me? I refer you to the below picture of Copy Chief, Pete Hempstead, stuffing his face. I ask you: does that look like a man who's anticipating bad falafel?

The flash-fried green falafel balls had a lightly crispy outside, but exploded with fresh and spicy flavor – slathered in hummus and tahini sauce, these things sang! The sandwich was also loaded with Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, pickles and s'rug, a traditional Yemeni hot sauce, which was just that: hot.

Not having anticipated the heat, we scrambled for wine to tone it down. We found a bottle of Jaillance Clairette de Die. With only seven percent alcohol by volume, this sparkler was light, fresh, and sweet enough to perfectly counter the spicy Middle Eastern street food. Add to that some fries with saffron aioli and we were in heaven. Another successful Fast Food Friday!

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