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Finally a Wine Club That Makes Sense

For years, all wine clubs were made alike: You pay, then later you're sent wines you may or may not like. That's like sticking with your hand-crank record player from the 1920s or a horse and buggy instead of a car. Would it be so crazy if every member of a wine club could taste first, and buy second?

Not crazy at all. Crazy is giving your hard-earned dollars to someone who'll never ask you what kinds of wines you actually like to drink.

Welcome to the new age of wine enjoyment. With the all new Tasting Room, the world's first personalized wine service, you get only the wines you want. For just $9.95, you get two white wines and four red in sample-size bottles. After you receive your tasting kit, just log back in to our site to be guided through a fun, comparative tasting that only takes a few minutes. Your wine preferences will be pinpointed, and from then on, every shipment of regular-size bottles is tailored to your personal tastes. You only receive types of wines you love.

Kiss good-bye the era of the traditional wine club. No other service offers you an introductory tasting kit, the ability to rate the wines you've received or personalized shipments. Actually, no other wine club actually cares whether you like the wines you buy.

And by the way, those other wine clubs never ask if you were happy with your shipment. With Tasting Room, not only can you rate the wines you receive, you can tell us if there's a particular wine you want more of or less of in the future. We'll accommodate the request. And if you're still not satisfied with a particular selection, we'll replace it or refund your money, guaranteed.

We're getting plenty of attention for Tasting Room, by the way. We've been featured in The Huffington Post,, Everyday With Rachael Ray, InStyle, USA Today, CNBC, Reuters and a bunch more – everyone loves the idea of the wine club in which the only taste that matters is yours. So go ahead and see what the excitement is about. Click here to get started on a wine journey in which you receive only the wines that are right for you.

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