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Get a Taste of Argentina Without Leaving Brooklyn

We love Argentina. At least a quarter of the Lot18 staff has been there for a professional or leisure visit, and not one of us would hesitate to go back. The only problem with visiting Argentina? The price of a taxi ride one day is completely different the next. Same goes for dinner from Monday to Tuesday, never mind a bottle of wine in the corner store. And sometimes, the corner store doesn't even have change because of a currency shortage.

It's a good thing that Argentina's coming here for a couple nights. If you have nothing to do on the evenings of April 16 and 17, head on over to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar for Wines of Argentina's event, Cambalache: One Night in Argentina. What's a Cambalache? We have no idea.

But what we do know is that from 6-11pm both nights, you can taste some or all of 120 different wines from Argentina; try some Buenos Aires street food, cocktails and gelato; brush up on your Argentine slang; check out some of the country's best music and art; and wash it all back with an Argentine beer. If you still have some coordination, take a tango lesson. Actually, all this rather sounds like the sorts of things that, together, comprise a...well, bazaar... maybe that's what a Cambalache is? Probably.

It's hard to cram all this into one visit to Argentina, so the Cambalache is a rare and special treat. It comes to us all in celebration of World Malbec Day, which we had no idea was a real thing. But we're sure glad it exists. There are few other wine varieties deserving of their own global celebration (though we could get on board with World Yerba Maté Day, but that really isn't for everyone), and we imagine most would be pretty sedate by comparison. If you've been in Buenos Aires at 4am you know what we mean.

If not, and you've never been to Argentina, this'll be a great way to get a taste of the place before you book an overnight flight and a swanky Buenos Aires pad on AirBnB. And if you've already been, this'll be a fun, affordable way to remind you of all the excitement you experienced there. Vamos!

Get your tickets here and now.

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