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Glass Bottles Are So Passé

Remember when the debate was corks vs. screw tops? This year, expect the conversation to move on to the bottles themselves. Companies are changing the way we package wine – and some of the containers in this new frontier are downright awesome. (Others are … interesting.)

Wine in a can: For the outdoorsy quaffer

Canned wine made a big splash last year and was especially popular during the summer, when the portable, unbreakable, single-serving packaging made wine easy to bring along on camping trips and to the beach. Nothing like popping open a can of Grenache Rosé after a long hike, amirite?

Where to get it: Field Recordings, Westside Wine Co., Underwood, Dancing Coyote

Wine in a flask: For the hipsters

It started off as a practical solution for a common problem in the U.K. – British wine drinkers wanted their wine delivered, but most homes had mail slots that bottles couldn't fit through. So a British company decided to make the world's first flat wine bottle. Problem solved. And totally awesome flask-shaped containers introduced, to the delight of hipster wine drinkers everywhere.

Where to Get It: Garçon Wines

Wine in a corta: For the dreamers and artists

Sometimes you just want something different. The corta is like a shorter, stockier and more poetic wine bottle – the kind of thing you'd expect to be brought out in a rustic, family-run eatery in Tuscany. Or on a pirate ship. And at 500ml, it's just enough wine for two wine drinkers, which is delightfully efficient.

Where to Get It: Ca' Momi, Uproot, Scribe, La Sirena

Wine in a Tetra Pak: For the environmentally conscious

OK, it's wine in a box. But hear us out. Glass bottles may be recyclable, but they are not a renewable resource (meaning they can't be re-grown or produced without depleting natural resources). Paper cartons are. So if you want to drink your wine and save the earth, too, Tetra Pak is the way to go.

Where to Get It: Bota Box, Fuori Strada, Bandit, Namaqua, French Rabbit

Wine in a mini bottle: For those looking for a fun and informative wine experience

We may not have been the ones to come up with single-serving mini wine bottles, but Tasting Room was the first to package them into a kit designed to identify your personal tastes! Sip through the samples, rate the wines, and soon you'll be receiving full-size bottles that appeal to your unique palate and preferences.

Where to Get It: Tasting Room

So what do you think is next? Wine in juice boxes or pouches, like the containers that kids pack for lunch? Now that this door's been opened, the possibilities are endless. Hit us with your most whimsical ideas.

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