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Have You Experienced Your "Wine Awakening" Yet?

A recent study has revealed that Americans, on average, experience their "wine awakening" at the age of 29. The study was commissioned by California-based Jordan Winery, and asked 2,000 wine drinkers how they got into wine in the first place, along with other questions focusing on their preferences and wine experience.

What does being "awakened to wine" mean exactly? Jordan Winery CEO John Jordan told that a wine awakening "happens when individuals can appreciate the subtle differences between the various types of wine and truly enjoy the taste and flavor of what they're drinking. After a wine awakening, we see that people not only choose to drink wine, but are able to truly appreciate it."

According to the results, Zinfandel is the wine that most commonly "awakens a person's wine senses," with 17 percent of respondents replying that it was the first varietal they knew they liked. Also according to the study, the most common way Americans get into wine is by being introduced to it by a friend, with 30 percent reporting that that's how they first encountered wine.

How old were you when you first experienced your wine awakening? And if it hasn't happened yet, we're here to help! After all, that's the whole point of the Tasting Room mini tasting kit! Give us a try and see if we can't help you wake up your senses to wine.

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