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Heirloom Tomato BLT

In my opinion it is just not summer until you have made your first bacon, lettuce, and tomato (BLT) sandwich. Along the same lines, it is just not a BLT until you use an heirloom tomato with superior ingredients to accommodate. Of course I grew up with my BLT's made with white bread, mass produced bacon from a grocery store, and my grandfather's tomatoes — these were some kinda good sandwiches, of which I could eat several. Now that I am grown and my interest in a sustainable food system has grown, I carefully select all of my ingredients for anything I make. This is largely due to taste but also because I like seasonal eats and supporting local food purveyors.

Building this sandwich involved a trip to my local farmers market for the heirloom tomatoes and 9 grain bread. Then off to my local butcher for some thick hand cut apple-wood bacon. Add crisp green leaf lettuce, quality mayo and you have my version of an heirloom BLT.

Once you have your bacon fried (you remember this cast iron pan right?) and your bread toasted, its really just a simple layering process.

I spread mayonnaise on both sides of the toasted bread then add the bacon, tomato, and bean sprouts (optional). I personally favor fresh ground pepper and a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce to finish.

Summer has now started at my house and I hope this inspires you to get out and pick a tomato from the garden, head to your local farmers market, and visit your local butcher to create your own version of this summertime classic sandwich.

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