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Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers 2019

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and if you ask us, wine always makes the perfect gift. But what do you get the vino lover whose wine rack is already exploding with bottles? Here are some creative ideas.

Clockwise from top left:

The bestselling Wine Tasting Notebook is the perfect way for enthusiasts of all levels to hone their tasting skills. Its simple explanations guide you through the note-taking process so you can remember the wines you liked and develop your tasting skills.

Most wines don't need decanting, but they can benefit from aeration. The delightful HiCoup decanter will certainly do the trick, allowing you to bring out the best in your red wine while serving it in a really cool way. It's artisan-made and mouth-blown, so no two are the same.

Looking for a fun party game? This wooden wine puzzle will be a challenge for your guests to figure out, but they'll have the best time doing it. And of course the person who unlocks the secret of this brainteaser gets its contents, which is the best prize of all.

Serve up anything from wine to cheese to charcuterie on this beautiful Thirteen Chefs serving platter. It takes its inspiration from the rustic vineyards of Napa Valley and is crafted to replicate the actual size and top of a real wine barrel.

This stylish yet durable wine tote features thick insulation to keep your wines at just the right temperature while protecting the bottles from breakage. It's the perfect way to transport and cool your wine.

What better way to remember and pay tribute to all the wonderful wines you've experienced than with this wine cork holder. Select the letter of your choice, hang it on your wall, and add in the corks every time you do your favorite thing — drink wine!

Love a chilled Sauvignon Blanc? These stylish, reusable Savrano wine gems are made from food-safe stainless steel, so they'll never stain or rust. Plus, they're a fun conversation piece for any get-together.

Take the work out of opening a wine bottle with the Secura electric opener. Just place it on top of your wine bottle and press a button—that's it! Your wine is ready to serve.

And in the center of all these great gifts is the greatest gift of all: the Tasting Room tasting kit. Taste and rate the wines in the kit to find out more about your palate and get wines tailored to your tastes delivered right to your door. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving!

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