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How To: Customizable Wine Cork Trivets

On this blog we've demonstrated several cork-related projects, including wine cork magnets and wine cork garden markers — each fun and easy crafts to use up that collection of corks that always seems to grow. Today, it's trivets on which you can place hot pots or baking dishes. The size, diameter and color are all up to you. But cork is the best material for this sort of thing since it doesn't burn. Or you can just use your trivet as a rustic-looking piece on which to place your decanter in between pours.

Supplies Needed

  • Enough corks to fit inside the metal bands
  • Spray paint good with metal (your choice on the color)
  • Metal gasket bands, found at any hardware store
  • Screwdriver to tighten the bands

Start by spraying the metal bands with paint. Once dry, flip them over and spray again, being sure to get the undersides of the bands. It's best to allow these to dry fully overnight before proceeding.

Once dry, start by placing even-sized corks in the center of the band. Once the last cork gets squeezed in, work the band up the side and to the middle of the corks, evenly all the way around.

Tighten the band with your screwdriver until secure. Press any uneven corks against a flat surface with your hands to make a flat surface.

From here, sit back and pour yourself a glass of wine, thinking how easy it will be the next time you need a gift for a fellow enophile!

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