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How to Eat (and Drink) Your Way Through NYC

Whether you're a native New Yorker or a visitor who's trying to fit in as many Instagram-worthy meals as possible, this is the ultimate list of fun NYC eats. These are foods to take out and eat at the park with friends, in your office's communal kitchen with coworkers, or by yourself on your favorite bench, with some aggressive squirrels watching your every move. From a New York slice to Korean chicken wings, there's something for everyone on this list -- plus, wine pairings! Because what's a good meal without the right wines? (Answer: Not as good.)

Shake Shack Burger
Danny Meyer's now ubiquitous burgers-and-shakes joint is currently trying to take over the world, but the quintessential New York eating experience can still be found at the flagship Shake Shack location, in Madison Park. Pair those delectable little Shack Burgers with the 2012 Strato Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for a match made in … well, New York.

Katz's Pastrami Sandwich
It wouldn't be a list of New York eats without a pastrami sandwich reco -- and if you can handle the harrowing wait and vexing ordering experience, Katz's Delicatessen is worth the hassle. A pleasantly bitter lager would be the obvious match for the borderline masochistic saltiness of the pastrami, but my advice is to go rogue with an unctuous 2014 Fortuna Lodi Zinfandel instead. Those spice notes and dark fruit flavors can wrangle any heavily seasoned piece of meat.

Barn Joo Chicken Wings
The only thing I like more than Korean chicken wings just might be the dipping sauces that go with them. It's like someone sneaked into my brain and took notes on my deepest, darkest fantasies. Barn Joo, with two locations in the city now, is one of my favorite places to pick up a dozen wings. Tame the heat with a slightly sweet 2013 Strato Monterey County Riesling. You're on your own with those messy fingers, though.

Patsy's Margherita Pie
Sometimes I'm in the mood for pizza, but there are so many different styles in this city that it's difficult to commit to a single kind. I know, I know, First World problems. But a problem nonetheless. What I can tell you is that a coal-fired slice from Patsy's Pizzeria has never failed me, and it's the perfect pizza to eat with a 2014 Trilus California Pinot Noir, the fruitiness of the wine matching nicely with the sweet tomato sauce.

Taïm Falafel Sandwich
Vegetarians, I haven't forgotten you. For a meal that will absolutely hit the spot, look no further than the falafel sandwich being served up at Taïm in SoHo. It's a freakin' carousel of flavors: one bite is savory, the next tangy, the next refreshingly cool from the yogurt. It's a ride I never want to get off; just throw me a bottle of 2014 Grafter Central Coast Pinot Grigio the next time you see me coming around.

Dough Donuts
And now for my favorite part: dessert. There's no shortage of trendy donut shops in this delicious city, but Dough gets my vote for putting out the largest donuts I've ever encountered. It's the stuff of dreams. I'm a simple glazed gal myself, but even if you're more of a hibiscus or passionfruit person (aren't we fancy?), the best way to cut through all that doughy sweetness is with a refreshing 2014 Mythmaker Monterey County Rosé.

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