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How To: Make Cork Magnets

Most wine drinkers have that big glass jar full of corks. Ok, so maybe there are some that have corks but they are not on display — they're in a big box hidden in the closet, attic or garage. Or maybe it's just me. Either way, we all had dreams of taking those corks and making the coffee table of our dreams! I still have some ideas for a large-scale something-or-other made out of corks, but for now I only have time and the need for a few magnets in my kitchen, workshop, bathroom or office, where I can pin up little reminders. Here's how to make your own cork magnets.

Picking up a few strong magnets from the hardware or craft store. You'll also need a drill, glue gun or a bottle of Elmer's.

You can certainly glue the magnet flush onto the back of the cork, which I did with a few, but I also liked the recessed look it gave my fridge and range hood when I chose this method. Remember, a real wine cork is well, cork. When drilling, the bit might grab little pieces instead of giving you a clean well. I like to start the magnet well with a drill, followed by digging enough extra space with a sharp knife in order to slip the magnet in flush with a dot of glue.

You can see in the above pictures there is a considerable difference between the recessed magnet versus the one glued flush onto the cork backing.

This project is such a simple and quick way to use up a few of those corks you had other ideas for — and a great excuse to go ahead order that next case of Cuvée18 by Arietta. Those would be some fancy cork magnets!

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