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How To: Wine Cork Garden Markers

Here's another simple but useful project to use up some wine corks you have sitting around. Last time, I showed you how to make magnets out of wine corks; now, use some remaining corks to mark out your herbs and flowers in the garden.

Start with a trip to the local craft or hardware store and pick up some dowel rods. These will come in different sizes/lengths. I suggest shorter rods for potted plants and longer rods for actual flower beds. A sharpie and drill are the only additional supplies needed, aside from your power drill — choose a drill bit that's just a little smaller than the rod, so you get a tight fit.

Mark your corks where you want the dowel to extend from, and drill holes either halfway or all the way through, if you plant to adjust the cork up and down on the rod, or add more than one cork to each. Personally, I prefer halfway.

All that's left is to get outside and mark all of those plants your guests always ask about!

If you have a simple, unique idea for using old corks, tell me about it in the comments below! I'll try to work with it – maybe even perfect it – and write about it soon. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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