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Is Weed the Next Wine?

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, growers are wondering if they can take the industry to wine-level heights. As it is, the best-known cannabis-growing area of the state, known as the Emerald Triangle, lies just south of Sonoma and Napa. Could pot be the next Cab?

A recent NPR story speculates that this is unlikely, at least for the foreseeable future. As much as cannabis entrepreneurs would like to take pot to the next level, growing it with wine and marketing it in a similar manner is something that most wine industry folks are not eager to do. "There's a certain level of apprehension," according to NPR, and "most are taking a wait-and-see approach."

Still, marijuana proponents are ready to take advantage of the state's massive tourism industry, with businesses like the Sonoma Cannabis Company hosting elegant dinners for visitors that include a tasting menu of locally sourced food, wine … and joints. The experience ranges from $100 to $150, with dishes that creatively incorporate marijuana leaves into things like the pesto sauce. Yum?

Photo courtesy of Sonoma Cannabis Company/Kristen Jeanne

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