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Now That It's Spring, Can We Rosé All Day Again?

Hello, spring! To celebrate the season of renewal, new beginnings and, most importantly, the return of rosé, we're trotting out our favorite pink drink-inspired foods.

Rosé gummies
Sugarfina may have started the whole rosé food craze with their rosé gummies, but here's our recipe for making your own.

Rosé donut (aka fronut)
Let's hope that The Doughnut Project brings back this limited-edition guilty pleasure.

Rosé ice cream
Bring your ID to this ice cream barlour — Tipsy Scoop WILL card you for their ice cream.

Rosé iced tea
The Republic of Tea brings together two of our favorite summer drinks.

Rosé potato chips
OK, this turned out to be a hoax from Frito Lay. But admit it — you would've given it a try. (And probably loved it.)

Sometimes, though, you just want the real thing. Spring into the season and fill up on the 2016 Flamboyance Languedoc-la-Clape Rosé and 2016 Raven California Rosé from Tasting Room today! And if you're looking to put together the perfect charcuterie board to go with your rosé, here are some tips.

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