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Keep Cool and Freeze Your Grapes

With the dog days of summer upon us, staying cool is everyone's No. 1 priority. Chugging a chilled bottle of your favorite vino always helps. But we found some other creative ways to have your wine and cool down, too.

Grape "ice cubes"

This is such an easy trick, and it adds a bit of fun to your wine glass. Simply freeze some de-stemmed grapes (darker grapes for red wine, green grapes for white) and then pop them into your wineglass to keep your drink cool. Best part is the wine-soaked snack after you've finished the last drop!

Frozen, wine-marinated grapes

If you want to get fancy, here's a recipe for wine-marinated grapes, frozen and rolled in sugar. They look so gourmet and delectable, making this the perfect thing to break out at your next summer soiree.

Stay cool!

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