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Keg Party - Wine Style


Previously on Aftertaste, there have been posts about alternative wine packaging and the adoption of wines on tap by some restaurants. Even still, most people think that kegs are only for beer. I think it is time to show these philistines how to party like it’s 2012! Wine in keg format is NOT a new thing. However,as with other great inventions like the automobile, television, and the internet it can take a while for everyone to have easy access. Many producers are now selling white, red and rose in 20 liter kegs (equivalent to nearly 27 bottles). Bars and restaurants around the country are pouring these draft wines so why can't you?

For the casual wine keg consumer, most kegs will come with a traditional tap with a pump that creates the pressure for the spout to work (just like your college keg party). Or you can get serious like me and pony up for a nitrogen powered keggerator. Trust me, nothing is cooler than having wine on draft in your apartment. One 20 liter keg generally runs between $150-300 or $5.62 to $11.25 per 750ml bottle! Plus, because of the pressurized gas in the system, that same keg should keep the wine in prime drinking condition for at least 2 months. No more half drunk bottles going down the drain.

New York's Gotham Project sources wines from quality producers all around the world and kegs it at great prices just for you. Now is a perfect time to try out wine on tap. Not only is Bastille Day tomorrow but  many of the refreshing wines like rosé and sauvignon blanc that we turn to in summer are most suitable to the keg form. Whether your next party is on a beach, at a campsite, or in your apartment you can buy a keg from your local wine retailer and try to down all 20 liters in one single sha-bang!

Can't wait to see pictures of people's first wine keg stands!

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